Comprehensive analysis of knowledge of water jet looms


The water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a je […]

The water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses a jet of water to pull the weft yarn through the shed, with low dispersion. The frictional traction force of water jet weft insertion on the weft yarn is larger than that of air jet weft insertion. It is suitable for the needs of weft insertion of filaments such as synthetic fibers and glass fibers with smooth appearance. At the same time, it can increase the electrical conductivity of synthetic fibers and effectively overcome the static electricity in weaving. In addition, jetting the weft yarn consumes less energy and has the lowest noise. The rapier loom can be regarded as the mainstream machine in the loom. It is the preferred machine for weaving various grades of clothing fabrics and other grey fabrics with its advantages of high speed, stability and good variety adaptability.
Water jet loom: The water jet loom has good water flow bundle, and the frictional traction force of water on the weft yarn is also large, so the weft yarn flying speed and loom speed of the water jet loom rank first among all types of looms. The control system of the water jet loom is roughly the same as other shuttleless looms, mainly to ensure the normal operation of the water jet loom, complete the quick start of the water jet loom, positioning braking, fault detection, electronic weft storage, Electronic let-off, electronic take-up and other tasks. The modern water jet loom control system usually adopts the following forms: relay control system; PLC control system; single chip control system, etc. According to the classification of models, they are roughly as follows: Tsudakoma series, including spring models; Toyota series, that is, the original Nissan models, including Shenyang Textile Machinery models.
Among them, the single-chip control system is used more, and the PLC control system also occupies a certain share. The control system of the water jet loom generally has a CPU chip and a display system, which can be networked with the central microcomputer in the workshop; display, count and print the main operating data of each loom; can display and monitor the running status of the loom itself , The sandblasting machine facilitates the production management of the water jet loom.


SHRP Weft Feeder

SHRP Weft Feeder


Benefit by 20 years experience accumulation in feeding technology, Sanhe designed brand new generation super speed weft feeder for rapier loom. Its creatively technology is permanent magnet motor and metal sensor system. Through more improvement, it will make sure perfect speed control, easy operation, and longer use life.

Main features:

*A powerful and low energy consumption“permanent magnet motor”ensures high speed weft feeding in any complicated case.

*Optimized soft plus and minus curve, reduce the breakage time

*Pretty reliable metal sensor system, absolutely avoid wear and on-hook

*Easy yarn separation adjustment without the need for any tools.

*Easy brush adjustment button for accurate brush position

*External 4 step speed adjustment knob set suitable top speed of motor in any case of yarn feeding requirements.