Safety operation matters in the operation of loom equipment(2)


(4) Leveling operation of water jet loom dobby For a do […]

(4) Leveling operation of water jet loom dobby
For a dobby loom, when leveling and adjusting the heald frame, the relevant operations should be performed by pressing the forward and reverse buttons. When the loom is rotated by turning the handwheel by hand with the brake released, the loom may suddenly rotate.

(5) Replacement of the take-up change gear of the water jet loom
When replacing the take-up change gear, operate the take-up handle and clutch pedal to loosen the fabric before starting the operation. If the work is carried out before the fabric has loosened, sometimes the gears will turn suddenly and the hand will be pinched.
Curl Transform Gear

(6) When removing heavy parts such as rollers from the water jet loom
When installing or removing heavy components such as rollers in the let-off or take-up section, work should be performed by multiple people.

(7) At the end of the water jet loom operation, they should greet each other loudly, and confirm whether it is safe to carry out the operation.
Do not operate continuously until the parts of the casing are restored to their original state. When the casing is found to be damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time. If it is not repaired or replaced in time, the sleeves and other parts of the work clothes will be caught in the rotating parts, causing danger.
Use a cloth or mop to wipe off the oil and butter on the ground.
Before entering the operation, the door of the control box should be closed.

(8) When the water jet loom is running
When the machine or fabric type is switched, be sure to switch the main switch to OFF before starting the work.
When installing the weaving shaft on the pedestal, the woven shaft should be securely inserted into the guide groove of the pedestal. If it is forced to be installed or installed incorrectly, it will cause the loom to fall and cause danger.
When transporting weaving shafts or cloth rollers, a rotating light should be used to attract the attention of people around.