Division I participate in the first meeting of the Weir drafting industry standard drafting group


According to "China Textile Industry Federation on the […]

According to "China Textile Industry Federation on the issuance of industry standards revision plan notice" (China Textile Association Section [2012] No. 39) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "on the issuance of the second batch of 2012 industry standard system revision plan (ICFI [2012] No. 119) requires that the industry standard of "Weft Feeder" (Plan No. 2012-0934T-FZ) be centralized by the National Textile Machinery and Accessories Standardization Technical Committee and the plan requirements are to be completed in 2013.
      On November 26, 2012, Guo Jun, general manager of our company, and Shi Xiaming, chief engineer, participated in the first meeting of drafting working group and working group of "Weft Feeders" industry standard in Cixi. There are totally 6 units and standardization Technical Committee leaders, some experts in the industry to attend the meeting to discuss the revision of the FZ / T99007-2000 "Weft Feeders" standards, the main parameters and work progress.