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Sanhe, founded in 1996, authorized National high-tech enterprises, Provincial S&T enterprises, and Standard makers of the national weft feeder industry. " Made in Zhejiang" standard drafter and maker of weft feeder. As a China Four In One Direct Motor System Suppliers and Wholesale Four In One Direct Motor System factory, Over the past two decades, the company has focused on the development and production of weft feeders for all kinds of the weaving machine, set up a development center for weft feeders in Shaoxing, and complete the National Torch Plan and innovation fund, won nineteen provincial new products and nineteen provincial S&T achievements, Own four invention patents, four computer software patents, twenty-one utility model patents. Sanhe has cultivated a professional team with independent software and hardware development and design capability, combined with engineering, manufacturing, technological innovation, and quality management.
The company set up a new CNC workshop consisting of the processing center, and numeric control machine tool. Sanhe has a complete set of facilities, including aluminum foundry, surface treatment, assembly, debug, testing. Uphold the philosophy of innovating technology and perfecting the product. All the circuit boards are produced by three groups Yamaha Mounter reaching the international advanced level. Sanhe won the award of AAA-grade enterprises approved by the China Association for Quality.
Sanhe is always service-oriented first in policy, not only setting up technical service center in India, but also branch offices in Guangdong, Fujian, Shaoxing, Qiandao Lake, Shengze, North Jiangsu, and other regions for sales and after-sales service, and solving problems for customers anywhere, anytime. In the meantime, the company has exported products to South America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions. The products are widely praised by foreign customers. Sanhe sincerely would like to cooperate with you to create brilliant success by providing high-quality products, first-class service, and all-around technical support.


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Advantages of Sanhe's Four In One Direct Motor System in water jet looms:
Sanhe uses advanced CNC machine tools and machining centers in the manufacturing process, equipped with comprehensive CNC workshops and aluminum alloy casting facilities. These facilities not only ensure the accuracy and stability of the production process, but also provide a solid technical foundation for the manufacture of Four In One Direct Motor System. The company's surface treatment, assembly, debugging and testing processes are rigorous and perfect, ensuring that the quality and performance of each direct drive motor system reach the international advanced level.
Four In One Direct Motor System is one of Sanhe's important achievements in technological innovation. The system uses circuit boards produced by three groups of Yamaha SMT machines, ensuring the high performance and reliability of electronic components. This advanced technology application not only improves the operating efficiency of the loom, but also greatly reduces the possibility of failure, providing a strong guarantee for the stable operation of the user's production line.
Sanhe Four In One Direct Motor System has been successfully exported to many countries and regions such as South America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and has won wide acclaim from users. Its high efficiency, stability, and durability make the system not only improve production efficiency, but also greatly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

What sets apart Sanhe's CNC workshop and numeric control machine tool in producing the Four In One Direct Motor System?
Sanhe's CNC workshop has comprehensive processing facilities and equipment, including the latest machining centers and CNC machine tools. These facilities can achieve high-precision processing of key components of the Four In One Direct Motor System through precise CNC processing, ensuring the stability and reliability of the product during assembly and use. The automated production lines and precision processing technology equipped in the workshop not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce human operation errors, ensuring the consistency and superiority of product quality.
As one of the core equipment for manufacturing Four In One Direct Motor System, CNC machine tools play a key role. Sanhe's CNC machine tools use advanced control technology and high-precision processing technology to accurately control the processing process of the workpiece, ensuring that the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of each part meet the design requirements. This precision machining not only improves the overall performance of the product, but also ensures the stability and durability of the Four In One Direct Motor System when running at high speed and working for a long time.
Sanhe has continuously improved the application efficiency and cost control capabilities of its CNC workshops and CNC machine tools in the production process through continuous technological innovation and process optimization. The company not only focuses on the renewal and upgrading of equipment, but also optimizes the production process, reduces energy consumption and scrap rate through the research and development of new processing technology and tooling design, and improves production efficiency and economic benefits.
As an AAA-level enterprise recognized by the China Quality Association, Sanhe has not only established multiple technical service centers and branches in China to provide customers with timely after-sales support and solutions, but also established technical service centers in the international market to ensure that global users can enjoy the same high-quality services. The company provides customers with customized technical support and solutions through a global service network and efficient supply chain management, further enhancing its competitiveness and brand influence in the global market.