SHJ-A Weft Feeder


SHJ-A / B series, Sanhe, based on many years of experience in the production of weft feeders, is The first in China to implement highly integration of mechanical, electrical, and light. Meanwhile, the application of vibrating release, pick at will, PWM drive and other advanced technologies. The products win the award of provincial new product and provincial Science & Technology achievement. It holds four achievements, such as invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights, etc.

Product Details

■Weft feeding speed: up to 1800m/min
Range of yarn counts: from 20 denier to 3.5Ne
Yarn separation adjustable from 0.7 mm to 2.2 mm
Spool body diameters adjustable from 108 mm to 135 mm
Rotation S or Z as per yarn twist direction
Coils detection by photocell or external control
Weft breakage detection by photocell.
Dimensions: length 323mm, width 186mm, height 225mm



Sanhe, founded in 1996, authorized National high-tech enterprises, Provincial S&T enterprises, and Standard makers of the national weft feeder industry. " Made in Zhejiang" standard drafter and maker of weft feeder. As a China SHJ-A Weft Feeder Manufacturers and Custom SHJ-A Weft Feeder Company, Over the past two decades, the company has focused on the development and production of weft feeders for all kinds of the weaving machine, set up a development center for weft feeders in Shaoxing, and complete the National Torch Plan and innovation fund, won nineteen provincial new products and nineteen provincial S&T achievements, Own four invention patents, four computer software patents, twenty-one utility model patents. Sanhe has cultivated a professional team with independent software and hardware development and design capability, combined with engineering, manufacturing, technological innovation, and quality management.
The company set up a new CNC workshop consisting of the processing center, and numeric control machine tool. Sanhe has a complete set of facilities, including aluminum foundry, surface treatment, assembly, debug, testing. Uphold the philosophy of innovating technology and perfecting the product. All the circuit boards are produced by three groups Yamaha Mounter reaching the international advanced level. Sanhe won the award of AAA-grade enterprises approved by the China Association for Quality.
Sanhe is always service-oriented first in policy, not only setting up technical service center in India, but also branch offices in Guangdong, Fujian, Shaoxing, Qiandao Lake, Shengze, North Jiangsu, and other regions for sales and after-sales service, and solving problems for customers anywhere, anytime. In the meantime, the company has exported products to South America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions. The products are widely praised by foreign customers. Sanhe sincerely would like to cooperate with you to create brilliant success by providing high-quality products, first-class service, and all-around technical support.


Industry Knowledge Extension

How does SHJ-A Weft Feeder achieve high integration of mechanical, electrical and optical technologies?
As one of the leading companies in China's weaving equipment industry, Sanhe's SHJ-A series weft looms have made significant progress in the integration of mechanical, electrical and optical technologies. SHJ-A Weft Feeder has achieved high integration through innovative design and advanced technology, greatly improving the performance and efficiency of the loom.
1. Application of mechanical technology
The mechanical structure design of SHJ-A Weft Feeder fully considers the stability and reliability of loom operation. It adopts advanced vibration release technology, and through the precisely controlled vibration mechanism, the loom can maintain a stable weft supply even at high speed. This technology not only improves the transmission efficiency of the weft, but also effectively reduces the possibility of mechanical failure, greatly improving the service life and reliability of the equipment.
2. Integration of electrical technology
In terms of electrical technology, SHJ-A Weft Feeder adopts advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) drive technology. This technology can accurately control the supply speed and tension of the weft in the operation of the loom, and realizes the precise adjustment of key parameters in the fabric weaving process, thereby improving the quality and consistency of the weaving.
3. Optimization of optical technology
In terms of optical technology, SHJ-A Weft Feeder adopts an advanced visual control system. Through high-precision optical sensors and real-time data processing technology, the equipment can realize real-time monitoring and adjustment of the loom's operating status. This visual management method not only improves the operator's visual control of the equipment's operation, but also optimizes the efficiency and production quality during the loom's operation.
4. Guarantee and achievement of innovative technology
SHJ-A Weft Feeder has won wide recognition in the industry for its innovative technology. The equipment has won provincial new product awards and provincial scientific and technological achievements awards. These honors are not only recognition of its technological innovation, but also prove its leading position in market competition.How does

SHJ-A Weft Feeder cope with complex weaving needs in practical applications?
1. Multi-function to cope with complex weaving needs
SHJ-A series weft feeders have multi-functional design features, which can flexibly cope with the needs of different weft materials and weaving processes. Whether it is the density of the fabric, the complexity of the texture, or the running speed and tension requirements of the loom, the SHJ-A series weft loom can accurately respond to complex weaving needs through its advanced control system and multiple working modes. For example, through vibration release technology, the stable supply of weft can be maintained during high-speed loom operation; through PWM drive technology, the tension of the weft can be accurately adjusted to ensure the uniformity and quality of the fabric.
2. Efficient energy consumption management and cost control
In actual applications, the SHJ-A series weft loom effectively reduces production costs and energy consumption through optimized energy consumption management and precise production control. Through the application of PWM drive technology, it can minimize the waste of electricity and improve production efficiency and resource utilization.
3. Technical advantages and application cases
The SHJ-A series weft loom has accumulated a wealth of successful cases in actual applications and is widely used in various fields of the textile industry. For example, in the production of high-demand home textile fabrics, the SHJ-A series weft looms ensure clear fabric texture and excellent quality through their precise tension control and high-speed operation capabilities; in the production of automotive interior materials, the SHJ-A series weft looms effectively prevent the breakage and entanglement of the weft threads through vibration release technology, thereby improving production efficiency and product reliability.