SHJ-A Weft Feeder

SHJ-A Weft Feeder


SHJ-A / B series, Sanhe, based on many years experience in production of weft feeders ,The first in China implement highly integration of mechanical, electrical, light . Meanwhile ,the application of vibrating release, pick at will, PWM drive and other advanced technologies. The products win the award of provincial new product and provincial Science & Technology achievement. It hold four achievements ,such as invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights etc.  
Since launched in 2000, through advanced performance and excellent stability, SHJ series has always led the direction of weft feeder in last ten years in China market.


●   Weft feeding speed: up to 1800m/min

●  Range of yarn counts: from 20 denier to 3.5Ne

●   Yarn separation adjustable from 0.7 mm to 2.2 mm

●   The weft feeder can be set for rotation S or Z depending on the yarn twist

●   Coils detection by means of photocell

●   Weft breakage detection by means of photocell to get the “loom stop” or “automatic weft changing” function.

●   Power consumption in working state is about 10W per 100rpms

●   Dimensions: length 323mm,width 186mm,height 225mm

●   Weight:11kg