SHJ-P Weft Feeder

Sanhe SHJ-P series design adopts pattern prediction and FOC drive technology, which is an international advance and the first in China. Double sensor and hollowed-out design creatively ensure accurate measurement and one hand to hold, which fills in the industry gap. SHJ-P series won the award of National Torch Program, The provincial new product, Provincial Science & Technology Achievement Award. It also owns 7 patents such as invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, and software copyrights.

Product Details

■Weft feeding speed: up to 2000m/min up to 2400m/min ( Pattern foreknew ).
■Range of yarn counts: from 15 denier to 3.5Ne.
■Yarn separation adjustable from 0.7 mm to 2.2 mm.
■Spool body diameters adjustable from 108 mm to 135 mm.
■Rotation S or Z as per yarn twist direction.
■Double coil detection by photocell or external control.
■Weft breakage detection by photocell.
■Dimensions: length 328mm, width 186mm, height 277mm.
■Weight: 8.2kg.

■Pioneering technical breakthrough for hollowed-out design, which makes heat dissipation perfect and one-hand grab easy.
■Creative technical progress for double sensor design, which makes disturb isolate and measurement accurate.
■Advanced non-touch switch for more reliable and user-friendly operation, avoid thoroughly the regret of easy wear-out for membrane switch on last generation weft feeder.
■Spool body adopts Plasma-coated or hard chrome-plated process to ensure high quality surface treatment.



Sanhe, founded in 1996, authorized National high-tech enterprises, Provincial S&T enterprises, and Standard makers of the national weft feeder industry. " Made in Zhejiang" standard drafter and maker of weft feeder. As a China SHJ-P Weft Feeder Manufacturers and Custom SHJ-P Weft Feeder Company, Over the past two decades, the company has focused on the development and production of weft feeders for all kinds of the weaving machine, set up a development center for weft feeders in Shaoxing, and complete the National Torch Plan and innovation fund, won nineteen provincial new products and nineteen provincial S&T achievements, Own four invention patents, four computer software patents, twenty-one utility model patents. Sanhe has cultivated a professional team with independent software and hardware development and design capability, combined with engineering, manufacturing, technological innovation, and quality management.
The company set up a new CNC workshop consisting of the processing center, and numeric control machine tool. Sanhe has a complete set of facilities, including aluminum foundry, surface treatment, assembly, debug, testing. Uphold the philosophy of innovating technology and perfecting the product. All the circuit boards are produced by three groups Yamaha Mounter reaching the international advanced level. Sanhe won the award of AAA-grade enterprises approved by the China Association for Quality.
Sanhe is always service-oriented first in policy, not only setting up technical service center in India, but also branch offices in Guangdong, Fujian, Shaoxing, Qiandao Lake, Shengze, North Jiangsu, and other regions for sales and after-sales service, and solving problems for customers anywhere, anytime. In the meantime, the company has exported products to South America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions. The products are widely praised by foreign customers. Sanhe sincerely would like to cooperate with you to create brilliant success by providing high-quality products, first-class service, and all-around technical support.


Industry Knowledge Extension

SHJ-P Weft Feeder: Innovative technology leads the new era of weft feeder
Technology innovation and application
SHJ-P Weft Feeder adopts pattern prediction and FOC (Field Oriented Control) drive technology, which are not only internationally advanced, but also the first in China. Pattern prediction technology can predict and adjust the weft feeding speed and force in time through intelligent algorithm analysis to cope with the characteristics and process requirements of different fabrics, ensuring the quality balance of each piece of fabric and maximizing production efficiency.
FOC drive technology ensures the stability and accuracy of the motor during the weft feeding process, effectively reduces the energy consumption and noise level of the equipment, and improves the operating efficiency and reliability of the production line. This advanced technology combination enables SHJ-P Weft Feeder to maintain accurate weft feeding operation during high-speed operation, bringing users a more stable and reliable production environment.
Design innovation and advantage display
In terms of design, SHJ-P Weft Feeder adopts dual sensor design and hollow lightweight structure. These innovative designs greatly improve the operation convenience and measurement accuracy of the equipment. The dual sensor design can fully monitor the position and tension changes of the fabric, ensuring precise control and data feedback during the weft feeding process; the hollow lightweight structure enables the operator to easily grasp the equipment with one hand, greatly improving production efficiency and the operator's working comfort.
In addition, the SHJ-P Weft Feeder won the national "Torch Plan" award, the provincial new product award and the provincial science and technology achievement award, indicating that its outstanding performance in technological innovation and product quality has been widely recognized. In addition, the product has a number of patents, including invention patents, utility model patents, design patents and software copyrights, which have established a solid legal guarantee and technical barriers for it in market competition.

How does the SHJ-P Weft Feeder use pattern prediction and FOC drive technology to achieve high-precision control?
The SHJ-P Weft Feeder adopts pattern prediction technology, which is an advanced control strategy that analyzes and predicts various fabric patterns and process parameters that may occur in the operation of the loom, thereby achieving precise control of the weft feeding process.
In addition, the SHJ-P series weft feeder uses advanced algorithms and big data analysis to monitor and respond to changes in the loom's operating status in real time during the weft feeding process, thereby effectively preventing weft feeding disorders caused by changes in fabric patterns or special process requirements, and significantly reducing the scrap rate and secondary processing costs in production.
FOC drive technology, as another highlight of the SHJ-P Weft Feeder, provides excellent dynamic response and precise control capabilities for the weft feeding process of the loom. Compared with the traditional PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control method, FOC technology can more accurately control the torque and speed of the motor to achieve more stable and efficient weft feeding operations.
Through FOC drive technology, the SHJ-P series weft feeder can maintain a stable weft feeding effect when the loom is running at high speed, effectively reducing the energy consumption and noise level of the equipment, and improving the overall operating efficiency and stability of the production line. This advanced drive technology not only enhances the durability and reliability of the equipment, but also greatly improves the production quality and consistency of the fabric.
SHJ-P Weft Feeder is popular in the domestic and foreign markets for its advanced technology and excellent performance. As a scientific and technological innovation achievement of Sanhe Company, this product has been recognized in national science and technology awards. It is widely used in various types of loom equipment, including high-speed looms and special process looms, and plays an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality.