SHJ-P Weft Feeder

SHJ-P Weft Feeder

Technical parameters and features

Max. feeding rate 2400 meters/min

Range of yarn counts 6nm-20dtex

Yarn separation adjustable from 0.7 to 2.2 mm

Yarn spool body diameters adjustable from 108 to 135 mm

Yarn twisting direction S or Z for option

Measurement method-Photoelectric counting coil or external control

Dimensions:length 328mm, width186mm, height 276mm



SHJ-P weft feeder is generated from Sanhe’s successful experience in 15 years, combined with the latest technology, successfully developed the permanent magnet motor to replace common motor ,wherein the product with a CAN communication, using the control system of pattern predict, which make the product more suitable for high speed, high performance, complex pattern weaving. This model owns one invention patent, three utility model patents and got the award of provincial new product, provincial S&T achievements.


Features and advantages

● Adopted permanent magnet motor for quicker response and excellent energy-saving ,competent to complex pattern.

● Double sensor design for coil counting, reliable measurement,skillful in rejecting interference signal.

● With the loom weaving a wider range, more types yarn of more adapt, adapt to high speed, saving more resource

● Magnetic sensor switch for trustable and user-friendly operation ,remove thoroughly the regret of easy wear-out membrane switch on last generation weft feeders.