SHDM 4in1 System
The new system inherited the superior performance of the previous generation, combined with the latest water -jet loom control technology. It is the most reliable intelligent product.

Product Details

■Direct-driving motor adopts AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, which not only makes energy-saving efficiency up to 20%~ 30% but also adjusts loom speed stepless.
■Support multi-functional applications: change running loom speed, change running weft density, empty pick, and other functions, etc. which meet the needs of complex fabric weaving.
■Support double Elo and double warp beam driving.
■Integrated industrial design, highly integrated water-jet control technology, elo and etu technology, and pattern control technology.
■Support Cloud Computing, providing loom running data output interface for statistics and analysis easily.

■The electronic let-off and electronic take-up

Informatization of the textile industry, record loom information intelligently
■Electricity Saving
Save 20%-30% of the electricity cost of the loom
■Touch screen

■Three Proofing
High-grade three-proofing process
New industrial design, compact and reasonable layout
Multiple intelligent functions to improve loom efficiency