SHDM-2/3/4W Loom System

SHDM-2/3/4W Loom System


SHDM series is a brand new generation of direct driving motor control system, which is not only based on our experience of weft insertion control in water-jet weaving field in last so many years, but also combined market demand of efficient energy-saving and intelligent integration. This system consists of direct-driving permanent magnet motor, weft feeders,elo,etu and loom control system,simply called“4in1”system.


The new system inherited the superior performance of the previous generation, combined with the latest water-jet loom control technology. It is the most reliable intelligent products.


*Direct-driving motor adopt AC permanent magnet synchronous motor,which not only make energy-saving efficiency up to 20%~30% ,but also adjust loom speed stepless.

*Support multi-functional application: change running loom speed, change running weft density , empty pick and other functions etc. ,which meet the needs of complex fabric weaving.

*Support double Elo and double warp beam driving.

*Integrated industrial design, highly integrated water-jet control technology, elo and etu technology and pattern control technology.

*Support Cloud Computing, provide loom running data output interface for statistics and analysis easily.