SHRP Weft Feeder
Benefit from 20 years of experience accumulation in feeding technology, Sanhe designed a brand new generation super speed weft feeder for rapier loom. Its creative technology is a permanent magnet motor and metal sensor system. Through more improvement, it will make sure perfect speed control, easy operation, and longer use life.

Product Details

Max. speed: 1600m/min
Yarn count range:120NM-2NM,20dtex- 3500dtex
Yarn separation: 0-2.2mm
Dimensions: 330mm length, 151 mm width,190mm height
Weight: 5.2kg

■Coaxial output tensioner for medium and low-speed tension compensation, high wear resistance.
■Pretty reliable metal sensor system, absolutely avoid wear and on-hook.
■External 4-step speed adjustment knob, set a suitable top speed of motor for any feeding rate.
■Easy yarn separation adjustment without the need for any tools. ■A powerful and low energy consumption "permanent magnet motor" ensures high-speed weft feeding in any complicated case. ■Easy brush adjustment button for accurate brush position.