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Sanhe, founded in 1996, authorized National high-tech enterprises, Provincial S&T enterprises, and Standard makers of the national weft feeder industry. " Made in Zhejiang" standard drafter and maker of weft feeder. As a China weft feeders for rapier projectile looms manufacturer and Wholesale weft feeders for rapier projectile looms factory, Over the past two decades, the company has focused on the development and production of weft feeders for all kinds of the weaving machine, set up a development center for weft feeders in Shaoxing, and complete the National Torch Plan and innovation fund, won nineteen provincial new products and nineteen provincial S&T achievements, Own four invention patents, four computer software patents, twenty-one utility model patents. Sanhe has cultivated a professional team with independent software and hardware development and design capability, combined with engineering, manufacturing, technological innovation, and quality management.
The company set up a new CNC workshop consisting of the processing center, and numeric control machine tool. Sanhe has a complete set of facilities, including aluminum foundry, surface treatment, assembly, debug, testing. Uphold the philosophy of innovating technology and perfecting the product. All the circuit boards are produced by three groups Yamaha Mounter reaching the international advanced level. Sanhe won the award of AAA-grade enterprises approved by the China Association for Quality.
Sanhe is always service-oriented first in policy, not only setting up technical service center in India, but also branch offices in Guangdong, Fujian, Shaoxing, Qiandao Lake, Shengze, North Jiangsu, and other regions for sales and after-sales service, and solving problems for customers anywhere, anytime. In the meantime, the company has exported products to South America, the European Union, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions. The products are widely praised by foreign customers. Sanhe sincerely would like to cooperate with you to create brilliant success by providing high-quality products, first-class service, and all-around technical support.


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Sanhe Weft Feeders For Rapier-Projectile Looms: Guaranteeing Product Quality and Reliability

Since its establishment in 1996, Sanhe, as China's manufacturer of Weft Feeders For Rapier-Projectile Looms, has always taken ensuring product quality and reliability as its core mission. Through years of technological accumulation and continuous innovation efforts, Sanhe has won a good reputation and customer trust worldwide.

Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment
Sanhe uses advanced manufacturing processes and equipment in the production process of Weft Feeders For Rapier-Projectile Looms. The company has invested in a brand-new CNC machining workshop equipped with machining centers and CNC machine tools, and has complete production facilities such as aluminum alloy casting, surface treatment, assembly, debugging and testing. These facilities not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the accuracy and stability of the products during the manufacturing process.

Strict Quality Management System
In order to ensure that the quality of each Weft Feeders For Rapier-Projectile Looms product meets the standards, Sanhe has established a strict quality management system. All of the company's circuit boards are produced using three sets of Yamaha Mounter at the international advanced level, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the circuit boards. In addition, the company has established a complete quality inspection and monitoring process. From the procurement of raw materials to the final product delivery, every link is strictly controlled to ensure that every detail of the product meets the design requirements.

Technological innovation and patent protection
Sanhe has invested a lot of resources in technological innovation and has obtained a number of important patent protections, including invention patents, computer software patents and utility model patents. These patents cover many aspects from mechanical structure to circuit design, which not only reflects the company's leading position in product design and technology research and development, but also provides strong guarantees for the quality and reliability of the products.

Global market and customer service network
As a service-oriented enterprise, Sanhe has not only established a technical service center and multiple branches in China, covering India, Guangdong, Fujian and other regions to provide customers with timely pre-sales consultation and after-sales support, but also exported products to South America, the European Union, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other international markets, which have been widely praised. By establishing a sound global market and customer service network, the company has effectively solved the problems that customers may encounter during use and ensured the long-term stability and reliability of the products.

Social responsibility and continuous improvement
In addition to a strict quality management system and technological innovation, Sanhe also pays attention to social responsibility and continuous improvement. The company actively participates in national and provincial science and technology projects, improves internal environmental protection measures and employee welfare policies to ensure sustainable development while economic development.

Sanhe Company guarantees the excellence in quality and reliability of its Weft Feeders For Rapier-Projectile Looms products through advanced manufacturing processes, strict quality management systems, technological innovations and global market layout.