Operation of water jet loom doffing system (picture explanation)


When the fabric is woven to a pre-set length, the fabri […]

When the fabric is woven to a pre-set length, the fabric is cut and unloaded from the water jet loom.

When the green light of the tower pole indicator lights up, the operation should start.

It is necessary to wait until the water jet loom has stopped before starting work.
When removing the roll, care should be taken not to get your hands and feet caught between the roll and the ground.

(1) Check whether the water jet loom has stopped.

When the water jet loom is still running, press the stop button to stop the loom.

(2) Cut the fabric with the specified knife.

(3) Loosen the grip handle 1 on the right and pull it down toward you. Roller 2 can be released.

(4) Pull out the cloth winding roller 2 to the side before weaving.

(5) Fix the cut cloth roller by the specified method to prevent the fabric from loosening.

(6) Remove the cloth roll.

(7) Ask the person in charge of transportation to carry out the removed cloth roller.

(8) Press the reset button 4 of the automatic counter, and the display of the counter will return to < 0 >.

(9) Fix the new cloth winding roller on the left cloth winding roller guide 3.

(10) Push up the right clamp handle 1 and tighten. The new cloth roll can be fixed.

(11) Wait for the fabric to sag to the fabric winding position of the new winding roller.

(12) Wet the roll and the fabric with water, and wind the fabric on the roll. At this point, the ends of the fabric should be aligned and the fabric taut.

(13) After the cloth roll is wound with several laps of fabric, install the cloth roll pressure roll.