Talking about the use function of the switch button of the water jet loom


The operation of water jet loom preparation, parking, f […]

The operation of water jet loom preparation, parking, forward rotation, forward rotation, reverse rotation, and reverse rotation are all carried out through button operations. In addition, when the brake switch is turned OFF, the brake can be released. Turn the handwheel by hand to make the loom rotate in the forward and reverse directions.
1. The main switch (non-fuse circuit breaker) turns on the power through ON, and at the same time the brake starts to work.
2. Preparation button (ARRANGE) Press the button to perform the preparation before continuous operation. The blower motors for length measurement and weft storage and the blower motors for water removal start to rotate. When it is an energized weft detector specification, a voltage is also applied to the weft detector contact finger.
3. Forward button (FORWARD) Without pressing the ready button, just press the forward button little by little to perform forward inching action. In addition, pressing the forward button after pressing the ready button will release the brake and start the loom.
4. Reverse button (REVERSE) Press this button to release the brake and reverse the loom. Pressing this twist little by little can make the loom reverse inching, and continuously pressing this twist can make the loom rotate one circle and then stop in position.
5. Stop button (STOP) Press this button to start the brake to stop the loom. The blower for length measurement and weft storage, and the blower for water removal are stopped, and the power of the weft feeler contact finger is also turned off.
6. The brake switch is switched to OFF to release the brake, and the loom can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions by manually operating the handwheel. When the switch is in the OFF state, no matter which button is pressed, all the operating circuits will not work.