In the 21st century, enterprise development is a major mainstay of spiritual civilization and it is an important guarantee for long-term development. In recent years, SANHE rely on culture construction to boost employee’s initiatives, enhance cohesive force, and make the company in compliance with modern standards.
       Service Tenet
“Service for Customers, Trust from Customers” is our service tenet. “Credit-oriented, People-focused, Society-served”!
  Quality Policy
We adhere to the quality policy of “Quality First, Service First, Credit First”.
  Service Commitment
We cooperate with customers and offer fine products and services sincerely in the policy of “Quality First, Service First, Credit First”.
  Culture Philosophy
Mission: To establish a common growth and development platform and create a win-win space to realize dreams, earn profits and social esteems for employees and let all enjoy the success of career and the joy of work.
Virtue: Broad-minded, Self-disciplined; Do as you would be done by.
Wisdom: Far-sighted & Down-to-earth; Seize opportunities and change a negative situation into a positive one by changing, innovating and reverse thinking continuously
Brave: Think what others scarcely think, do what others scarcely do and shoulder responsibilities and correct errors bravely.
Tenacity: Set targets, never give up, fulfill finally and find feasible methods instead of any excuses