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Briefly describe the working principle of a rapier loom?

Is the working principle of rapier loom accessories:
1. Classification of rapier looms
Rapier looms are divided into single rapier looms and double rapier looms according to the number of rapiers. The single rapier guides the weft yarn from one side of the shed to the other, for retrofit narrow looms. Due to the simple structure of the single rapier loom accessories, they cannot be widely used, so they are rarely used. The double rapier is completed by the rapiers located on both sides of the shed, so that the door width of the loom can be increased, and it is often used.
2. Working principle
The weft selection signal device of the accessories of the rapier loom sends a command signal according to the weft color cycle designed by the process to complete the weft mixing work through the weft selection rod. The weft selection device technology relies on computer technology, uses the computer to select the weft, and controls the instruction through the computer, thereby improving the work efficiency of weft selection and improving the quality of spinning.
Rapier loom accessories are only one type of looms. For other looms, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation and use different processes to select different looms. Thereby improving production efficiency and improving economic benefits.