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Display of loom stop reason and running status

When a failure occurs, the loom will stop, and the red light of the tower pole indicator will light up or flash. In addition, the reason for the stop is also displayed by the indicator light of other color, so it should be dealt with according to the content of the reference page.


Lamp type

Stop reason and operating condition

Reference item for handling method





green white







·Stop by stop button





·Weft detector stopped

(Due to incorrect weft insertion or poor warp yarns)

· FDP sensor stop (weft storage error)

·Stopping of over tension due to poor coiling of APR

·The weft detector stops within 30 seconds and reoccurs

(with APR)

4-2~4-4 When weft yarn stops 4-2 When weft stops

7-1 Stop due to over-tension of unwinding

7-2 Recurrence of weft sensor stop in a short time




·Weft detector leakage stop

(The weft yarn is wrapped around the weft detector)

4-2 to 4-4 When stopping in the latitudinal direction




·selvedge sensor stop

(Break ends of selvedge yarn, or slack)

4-1 When the meridian stops




·Yarn end processing sensor stopped

(Yarn end treatment for yarn breakage, or slack, etc.)

4-1 When the meridian stops




·Weft probe stop occurs 5 times within 1 hour

(with APR)

7-3 Frequent occurrence of weft sensor stop




·automatic counter stop

The weaving of the fabric reaches the set length and thus stops

6. Cloth drop




·Although the fabric is woven to the set length, it continues to run continuously

6. Cloth drop





·Stop due to electrical failure

Electrical articles


·Loom stopped, but APR in action



Explanation of symbols
○Light up
☆Light out
★Light up quickly


Distinguish job processing
W weaver
D layoff personnel
F Security personnel(Weavers and dropers should not do this work)