Do you know the characteristics and uses of the electronic water jet loom weft feeder?


The electronic water jet loom weft feeder is mainly use […]

The electronic water jet loom weft feeder is mainly used for two-color free weft selection of water jet and color jet. Through the terminal equipped on the machine, each executive element and color can be controlled.


First, it can store 8 different patterns, multi-cycle input, up to 200 lines, especially suitable for complex patterns.


Second, the roller type weft storage, the distance between the yarn circles can be adjusted, which can adapt to the weaving of many weft yarns, especially strong twist yarns.


Third, a single unit is equipped with a Chinese LCD display control interface, and has a parking latitude display, which makes the operation convenient and reliable.


Fourth, the photoelectric weft detection equipment is accurate and reliable, and the microcomputer can only adjust the parameters, and the angle control can effectively handle the long and short wefts.