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Do you understand how weft storage is controlled?

Weft storage control sensor and central microprocessor on the weft storage drum. It can complete the control of weft pre-winding, yarn storage winding speed and weft breaking alarm.


First, weft pre-winding control. The weft storage drum always reserves a certain amount of weft yarn in advance, which is set according to the weaving technology of the loom. When starting to use, it can be controlled by the pre-winding control switch on the weft feeder. Such as: OFF/ON switch on LASER/NOVA weft feeder, prewind switch on FDP weft feeder, etc.


Second, weft yarn reserve inspection and winding speed control. The weft feeder is checked for weft yarn storage by photoelectric sensor and mechanical sensor. At present, the magnetic sensitive Hall sensor is mostly used for inspection. Such sensors have the characteristics of high sensitivity, reliable operation and long life. For example, the magnetic probe on the weft storage drum of the LASER/NOVA type weft feeder, if the weft yarn overwhelms the magnetic probe to indicate a certain amount of stored yarn, and the magnetic probe at the different position is overwhelmed or erected, it will be detected by the sensor. The microprocessor determines the working state of the weft feeder according to the inspection result: acceleration, deceleration or shutdown. The weft feeder for jet looms determines the winding speed according to the comparison result between the set number of unwinding turns and the winding number of the feeder. At one time, the number of windings output by the encoder sensor should also be 4 turns: if it is less than 4 turns, it will speed up the winding; if it is more than 4 turns, it will slow down the winding.


Third, yarn breakage control. After the yarn breakage sensor at the end of the weft feeder is inspected, once the yarn breakage is detected, the yarn breakage signal is immediately sent to the loom for automatic weft change or shutdown.