Methods of replenishing and replacing yarns on water jet looms


1. Supplement of selvedge yarn on water jet loom How to […]

1. Supplement of selvedge yarn on water jet loom

How to replace the bobbin and how to thread the selvedge yarn
1) Press the stop button.
2) Move the mandrel spring 1 horizontally and remove it from the bobbin shaft 2.
3) Remove the bobbin shaft 2.
4) Remove the bobbin 3.
5) Install a new bobbin.
6) Install the bobbin shaft 2 .
7) Move the mandrel spring 1 in the horizontal direction and fix it on the bobbin shaft 2 securely.
8) Thread the yarn into the yarn guide rod 4, the yarn guide wire 5, and the yarn guide seat bracket 6 in sequence.
2. Supplement of yarn end treatment for water jet looms

3. Supplement of yarn feeding body of water jet loom
Yarn end treatment yarn replacement method and yarn threading method
1) Press the stop button.
2) From the bobbin holder 2 of the yarn feeder 1 of the discarded yarn feeder 1, pull out the bobbin or tapered bobbin that has used up the yarn end treatment yarn.
3) Insert the newly prepared package or tapered package 3 on the bobbin holder 1 of the creel.
4) Thread yarn according to the method shown on the left.

When one of the yarn feeders on the creel has run out of yarn, it should be replenished with a new yarn feeder.
1) On the conical creel 1, install the new yarn feeder 2.
2) Connect the yarn leading end A of the new yarn feeding body 2 to the knot (yarn tail) B of the yarn feeding body in use.
3) Cut the knot so that the length of the knot is about 3mm.
4) Clamp the connected yarn on the spring tensioner 3