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Repair of warp and weft yarns on looms (1)

1. When the water jet loom stops due to warp
• When a weft insertion error occurs due to warp slack, hairiness, or poor shedding, the weft sensor can detect and stop the loom.
•When the selvedge yarn and yarn end processing yarn are defective, they will be detected by their respective sensors, and the loom will be stopped.
•When the stop due to the warp and the stop due to the weft occur at the same time, the method of repairing the stop due to the weft first is more conducive to the improvement of efficiency.
•It should be dealt with according to the reason of stopping.
Red light on, orange light on Yarn end treatment Yarn breakage and slack
1) When the warp yarn is broken or slack
 (1) Cut off the defective part of the warp yarn, and connect the connecting yarn to the broken weft yarn.
 (2) Cut the knot so that the length of the knot is about 3mm.
 (3) Pass the connected yarn through dropper, heald frame and reed in sequence.
 (4) Connect the connected yarn to the next warp yarn at the weaving fell.
Note) Failure to do this will cause entanglement with the weft yarn at the start of the operation and cause the loom to stop.
 (5) Press the forward button. That is, the operation can be restarted.
 (6) Cut off the end of the connecting yarn on the fabric.