Safety operation matters in the operation of loom equipment


(1) When the water jet loom is operating  Before operat […]

(1) When the water jet loom is operating
 Before operating the push button switch, confirm that the surroundings of the loom are safe.
 Do not operate the push button switch by more than two persons.
 Do not run the machine when the stop button has been locked.
 Do not operate the machine when the <Maintenance Check> sign is displayed.
 Do not operate the machine when the safety cover has not been restored to its original position.
 Do not run the machine when the handwheel is already installed on the equipment.
 Never touch buttons or switches with wet hands.
 When operating the buttons, do not touch the loom with the other hand.
 If the jog button is mistakenly operated as the run button, the hand on the reed or cloth can be seriously injured.

Operation button switch
(2) When the water jet loom with electronic dobby specification stops (automatic stop and manual stop)

In the case of electronic dobby specifications, the loom may automatically rotate forward after stopping, so do not touch the movable parts of the loom when the loom has just stopped.
When the loom is stopped in the reverse prohibited area of ​​the electronic dobby, even when the APR device is not used
(The APR switch is in the OFF state), the loom will also perform automatic forward rotation in order to leave the reverse prohibition area of ​​the electronic dobby. Therefore, if you touch the movable part at this time, your hand will be seriously injured.

(3) Before starting the maintenance work of the water jet loom
The security operation should be undertaken by skilled security workers.
Electrical work should be undertaken by qualified security workers.
When carrying out inspection and maintenance operations, a conspicuous sign of <Inspection and Maintenance in progress> should be hung on the front of the loom so that other operators can notice it.
Tools and utensils designated by our company should be used.
As a rule, turn off the main switch on the side of the control box before starting work. In particular, when performing electrical maintenance work, be sure to turn off the main switch before starting.