Weft Feeders for Air-Water Jet Looms


The fixed drum type weft feeder has a simple structure […]

The fixed drum type weft feeder has a simple structure and a large yarn storage capacity. It is suitable for weaving machines with a speed of up to 1,000 m/s and a reed width of two meters or more. The different types of weft yarns have different arrangement requirements. For example, flat yarns can be arranged close together on the storage drum, while knot yarns must be separated by intervals. This type of weft feeder can accommodate both types.

Weft feeders for Air-Water Jet looms can be used to adjust the weft length by adjusting the front or rear end tensioners. They also allow the user to adjust the degree of brush ring and clamping tension of the weft yarn. In addition, the weft feeders for this type of looms have an electromagnetic needle, which limits the length of the unwinding coils based on the weaving width.

Depending on the type of weft feeder, wefts are fed into the loom either continuously or intermittently. This intermittent unwinding process causes sharp dynamic tensions that affect fabric quality and can cause weft breakage. Therefore, it is important to use a weft feeder for Air-Water Jet looms that offers both high-speed yarn unwinding and flexibility.

Another option is a multi-colored weft supply device. The device alternately feeds different colored weft yarns during interleaving. The device can be used for different types of weaving, including water-jet and air-jet. A multi-color weft feeder is especially useful for weaving with a variety of different colors.

In addition to supplying the right amount of weft, the weft feeders should be easy to maintain. Regular maintenance and oiling are important. A proper oiling will ensure that the weft feeders run smoothly and efficiently. Cleaning is also important for extending the lifespan of the drums.

A weft feeder controls the pre-winding, weft storage, and the weft breakage alarm. The weft feeder also has the ability to adjust the speed and weft pre-wind the weft. It is able to do so through a pre-winding control switch.

The circular weft knitting machine is a versatile piece of equipment. Its maximum cylinder diameter is about 38-40 inches, and its width can reach 180 inches. In contrast, the computerized flat knitting machine is capable of producing warps and wefts up to 60 inches in diameter.