What are the advantages of rapier looms?


Various characteristics of the rapier loom make it an i […]

Various characteristics of the rapier loom make it an ideal machine for weaving different kinds of fabrics. A rapier loom is also called a shuttleless loom. It has a very low requirement of yarns and neps. It is also completely automatic. This type of loom is capable of weaving fabrics up to 110 inches wide. The machine is capable of weaving any kind of fibre.

The rapier loom is divided into two types - rigid rapiers and flexible rapiers. Both of these looms have two rapiers. The fabric width can be adjusted to accommodate different yarn properties. It is possible to use double rapier looms to weave wide fabric widths. In this type of loom, the weft yarn is passed by two rapiers in half the fabric width. These rapiers are guided by the board at the boundary of the shed. The board allows for a clearance between the weft yarn and the reed. It is also possible to use multicolor weft devices on rapier looms.

The rapier loom has a picking mechanism. The weft yarn is attached to the rapier at the entry point of the shed, but is not attached to the rapier at the point of motion. Then, it is passed through the shed by an opposing rapier. Then, it is carried across the fabric width by another rapier. The fabric is then secured by knitting together the loops of weft on the other selvedge.

The rapier loom also has a unique drive mechanism. This unique drive is easy to maintain. Its strokes are easy to adjust and can be used to adapt to a change in the cloth width. It is also possible to adjust the speed of the rapier so that it does not damage the yarn.

Another advantage of the rapier loom is its ability to weave wide fabrics. A double rapier loom can weave fabrics up to 110 inches wide. It has increased the speed of the pick insertion. The rapier loom can also be modified with picking mechanisms. These picking mechanisms can improve the pick insertion of the rapier loom. This is especially useful for producing certain weaves, which are more efficient when multiple picks are inserted together.

The rapier loom is also equipped with a yarn clamp. This clamp is actuated by a clamp opener. The rapier loom can also have a yarn tensioner to adjust the tension of the weft yarn. A wedge clamp is also included in the rapier loom. The wedge clamp retains the mirrored weft yarn 3'. After this, the rapier loom can be operated using high dynamic servomotors. The servomotors are programmed to actuate the yarn clamp openers at certain intervals. These high dynamic servomotors are better than stepping motors because of the torque they provide. The rapier loom is also capable of using the programmed servomotors to oscillate the rapiers at specified speeds. The rapier loom has a unique drive that makes it easy to maintain.