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What is a moving drum weft feeder?

Most of the early weft feeders were of the moving drum type. The yarn storage drum 6 rotates around its axis, winds the weft yarn on the drum, and completes the yarn winding of the moving drum weft storage device. The winding tension of the weft yarn is adjusted by the yarn feed tensioner 3. The structure of the weft feeder using this yarn winding method is relatively simple.


The damping ring 5 in front of the yarn storage drum is made of bristles or nylon. While exerting unwinding tension on the weft yarn, the damping ring also plays the role of controlling the yarn circle on the drum surface, so that the winding movement of the yarn around the yarn storage drum can be carried out normally. The damping ring also prevents the weft yarn from being thrown away from the storage drum to form a balloon during unwinding, preventing the weft yarn from tangling. At the end of the unwinding, the damping ring constrains the weft separation point on the drum surface, so that the weft will not be sent out too much. The damping ring is divided into "S" direction and "Z" direction, and is suitable for "S" twist or "Z" twist weft yarn. The diameter of the filaments of the mane or nylon is also divided into two types: thick and thin according to the fineness of the weft.