What should be done for the daily maintenance of the weft feeder?


As an indispensable production equipment in textile ent […]

As an indispensable production equipment in textile enterprises, the frequency of weft feeders is not very high, and the cost of weft feeders is relatively high, ranging from a few thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Of course, this is just storage The unit price of the weft, plus various other costs, I am afraid it is more than these costs.
First of all, the daily use of the weft feeder is the first step in the maintenance of the weft feeder. As we all know, no matter how good the machine is, if it is overloaded every day, it will inevitably shorten its life. Therefore, no matter what the machine is, it must not be overloaded too much, otherwise it will be useless to do maintenance. Of course, this is not to say that it should not be overloaded, but it should be appropriate. It is still necessary to stop the machine properly during use.
Secondly, the weft feeder needs to be cleaned and inspected after use. Any machine, including the weft feeder, should be used after use. Routine monitoring and cleaning after use are necessary. Keeping the machine clean and tidy is an indispensable step for the maintenance of the weft feeder.
Finally, find the problem in time and do a good job of replacing the accessories. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently check the parts and replace the weft feeder accessories in time to extend the life cycle of the weft feeder.