Zhejiang Sanhe introduces you to the weft feeder


The weft feeder is a temporary storage device for the w […]

The weft feeder is a temporary storage device for the weft that has been untied on the package before being introduced into the shed, and is used in rapier and projectile looms. It is often composed of a motor, a yarn storage drum, a yarn winding disc, a yarn storage amount detector, a damping ring, a tensioner, and a yarn arrangement mechanism.

The temporarily stored weft yarns are neatly arranged and wound on the surface of a smooth cylinder or a cone with a small cone angle, which creates a good high-speed unwinding condition for the weft insertion, so that the unwinding weft yarn can obtain a more uniform tension. The motor drives the yarn storage drum to rotate to wind the yarn. The yarn storage drum with a large moment of inertia is used as the yarn winding rotating part with frequent starting and braking, which is not good for high speed. On the contrary, the motor drives the light-weight yarn winding disc to rotate, and the method of winding the yarn on the surface of the fixed yarn storage drum is called the fixed drum type, which is good for high speed and is the development direction of the weft storage.

Adjusting the position of the photoelectric yarn storage detector can keep the yarn storage on the yarn storage drum within a reasonable range, and the yarn arrangement mechanism makes the yarns on the yarn storage drum evenly arranged. When weft insertion, the rapier or projectile overcomes the resistance generated by the damping ring to pull the weft yarn out of the yarn storage drum, and the tension of the weft yarn is controlled by the tensioner. The yarn winding speed of the weft feeder can be adjusted manually or automatically tracked by the control circuit, so that the yarn winding parts can continue to rotate at a lower speed, and the unwinding of the package can be carried out continuously